Minutes from

May 2, 2006 


Present:  Connie Bartholomay, Chris Kotschevar, Roy Spiekermeier, Anna Mae Spiekermeier, Alice Krueger, Barbara Bartholomay, Betty Flatt, Sandi Bartholomay, Keith Bartholomay, Tracey Ekeren, Maria Boeder-Bartholomay, Kent Bartholomay, LeAnn Nelson, Denise Bartholomay, and Kathy Lewis. 


Secretarial Report:  Approved with corrections


Treasurers Report:  Approved with a balance of $9,000.00 


Rummage Sale:  The rummage Sale went well this year, we had the best quality of stuff, and the rummage sale brought in our largest sale yet.  It was discussed that we will have another community rummage sale next year and donate the proceeds somewhere else. 


Slide show and Supper:  The slide show and supper went well, the interviews went well and they will plan on doing more interviews at the celebration. 


Tractor/truck pull:  As far as we know things are doing well, the 4-H will be doing concessions at the pull.  We will need ribbons for participants


 Valley City Quilters:  The Valley City Quilters are having a show of their quilts during the celebration.  Anyone interested in showing a quilt is welcome.

 Car Show:  The Car show will be at the Lion’s Baseball Diamond after the parade.  There will be no charge for the car show.  We will pass out participation ribbons and ribbons for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.  We will need approximately 30 ribbons.  It was suggested that we use the same ribbons and mark them on the back if they place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, place. 

Parade:  Tootie is getting things done for the parade.  We will also need ribbons for the parade entries.  Tootie will contact KQLX to see if they will announce the parade on the radio.  If they will we will need to get as many units as we can ahead of time so that KQLX has a list of entries.  The parade route will begin at the cemetery, go down Main Street to the highway, turn left on the highway to Tammy Boeder’s place down to the Catholic Church and back to the cemetery.  The Kiddy Parade will go as far as the highway.  The Legion Color Guards will lead the parade.  It was suggested that we have two horses lead after the color guards with two flags, with patriotic music playing.  It was also suggested that we should see if we can find a marching band to join in the festivities.  We also discussed having the Shriners come out for our parade.  Tootie will send out letters soliciting floats.  It was also suggested that we get some of the older Sheldonites to ride in the parade.  Herman Schroeder will be the grand Marshall, followed by people like Mary Bartholomay, Anne Bunn, Helen Mougey, Alvin Jalbert and Newman Arntson.  


Ribbons:  We will look into getting 1000 ribbons for everything. Silent Auction:  We will have a silent auction during the celebration.  Some of the prizes for the silent auction will be: Eight pieces of china, Mirrored picture, Quilt, Cross stitch picture. It was suggested that someone start the bidding of the silent auction with what they feel the value would be.  We will have a sign letting people know when the silent auction begins and ends.

 Registration:  We voted and decided that the registration booth and souvenirs will be at the Grocery Store           


Registration Packet:  We are unsure what all will be included in the registration packet.   

Name Tags:  Instead of using the lanyards we will be using something that attaches to a shirt or jacket.  We will talk to Fergus Falls Ottertail; they may be able to help us with name tags. 

History Room: The history room(s) will be at the school.  The first room will have old photos and slide show; the second room will have the old artifacts.  We were told that the school books that they use will be in the rooms but will be covered up. History Book corrections:  We will post the corrections on the internet or on an additional piece of paper which will be available for print.  We will also have a printout available during the celebration. 


Porta Pots:  LeAnn will check into getting the porta pots again and report back at our next meeting. 

Vendors:  We have lost two vendors, the only vendor we have at this time is Maple Valley Meats.  We will need to try and find some others. 

Enderlin Cheerleaders will be selling water during the celebration to help them raise money. The High School Girls Fastball Softball team will be selling ice cream treats during the celebration to help them raise money.  They will be selling on Saturday. 


VFW Catering:  They will have two meats, corn, fruit salad, pasta salad, cheesy potatoes; it will be served buffet style with the serving line starting in the hallway.  No dessert is planned so we will have candy/nut cups on the tables.  Decorating is our responsibility.  We will try and get tables from the fire department, Sharbos and the school. The program will be emceed by Jerry Bartholomay, we may have a community choir and we will ask Men’s Harmony if they would be willing to sing for us. 

Our next meeting will be June 6th.


Minutes from March 8, 2006 

Present:  Denise Bartholomay, Alice Marie Krueger, Tracy Ekeren, Marie Boeder, Tim and Sandy Tiede, Roy and Anna Mae Spiekermeier, and Kathy Lewis

 Secretarial Report:  Read and approved

Treasurers Report:  None Available 

History Book:  The book is here, copies are available at Mel’s Country Grocery.  We need to find out if there are extra boxes available for delivery. 

Cookbook:  It isn’t here yet.

 Registration:  We have received 117 pre-registrations. 

Post cards:  Alice has printed up postcards and has grouped them together.  They will be available for sale at Mel’s Country Grocery. Wall Hangings:  Alice has made up several wall hangings that will also be available for sale at the grocery store.  We will charge $10 a piece or 3 for $15. 

April Fundraisers:           
1.   We are holding another raffle, the prizes available are (a) painting, (b) lap quilt, and (c) $50 savings Bond.
2.  We will be having a dinner in April.  Tom Spiekermeier has slides available to be shown from the 100th Celebration.
3.  Rummage Sale
4. Bricks from the Hall.  They will need to be cleaned up a bit but we will se if anyone would be interested in them.

Picnic Tables:  Glen is in contact. 

Motorcycle Rally:  On Saturday of our celebration there will be about 50 motorcycles coming through. 

We have decided not to hold any sports related tournaments. We will be sending out the next letter.  This letter will include room availability, and our final agenda. Anslem Church will do the concessions for the Tractor/Pick-up pull and Car show. Marie will call Pastor Colter or Jerry Carlson to do the all-faith service on Sunday.  If it rains everything will be moved into the school.  Renee will also serve her brunch at the school. Someone will contact Holly Froemke to see if she would be interested in conducting a community choir. We have a semi available for the band and the DJ.  It will cost $350 for the weekend. 

Rodeo:  Tim and Sandy Tiede were present to fill us in on what they offer for a rodeo.  It will cost us $5,500, but they supply everything including the contestants.  They have a wide variety of things that they do in the rodeo.  They will also have a clown to make sure that there is no dead air.  They suggested that we try and get sponsors for the show.  They said a big item is gate and wall ads.  Wall ads would cost $100, and Gate ads would cost $250.  They pay their workers so all entrance fees are ours, including the workers.  We would charge $10 for each adult and $5 for each child.  They also supply flyers.  We will also need to supply the bleachers.  We also need to make sure that a forklift is available.  We will receive the entry fees of $200.  There are 6 gates available for ads.  We agreed to it.  4-H will do concessions for the Rodeo.  We will have to pay the Tiede’s at the end of the show.  If we have any local participants they will need to contact the Tiede’s.

Kurt Black would like to bar-b-queue a pig. 

Next meeting April 4th , at the Senior Citizens 7:00 p.m.


Minutes from November 1, 2005

Present:  Denise Bartholomay, Avis Arntson, Alice Marie Krueger, Roy Spiekermeier, Anna Mae Spiekermeier, LeAnn Nelson, Kathy Lewis, and Sandi Bartholomay
Secretarial Report:  Read and approved
Treasurers Report: Read and approved
History Book update: The book on our part is almost done.  Alice sent the last pages into J&M Printing today.  We are still aiming for a December release date.
Car Show:  Kurt Bunn will help out and K.C. Lewis will talk to the High Rollers in Lisbon.
Cookbook:  The cookbook committee is still looking for recipes.  The committee has met and decided that they will pick and choose recipes from the old band booster cook book.  They would like to get at least 800 recipes for the book.
Registration Update:  37 people have pre registered so far.
Spaghetti Feed:   We will have spaghetti feed Sunday, November 7th; they will set up Saturday night at 7:30.  Lettuce will be in the walk in cooler at Alice’s store.  Salad dressing will be picked up by Anna Mae Spiekermeier.  We will get a gallon of French and a gallon of Ranch.  Roy will check on paper products, Kathy will get the lemonade, water, coffee and ice.  Anna Mae will pick up the French bread.  The doors will open at 10:00am on Sunday.  Denise will be in charge of signs.
Christmas Ornaments are available now.
We will also do a candle fundraiser.  We will sell pre orders at the spaghetti Feed.
Gun Raffle:  The gun raffle has ended, if we would like to have another one we must let Mike know.
We will also be selling raffle tickets at the spaghetti feed.  So far gifts include a Christmas wall hanging and a savings bond.
T-shirts:  waiting for delivery, they have already been paid for.
Rodeo:  We need to check into charges.  We are also still looking for a spot for it to be held.  It was suggested that east of town would be a good spot, good parking.  Open for discussion.
Camping and parking
Sunday Brunch: We need to find another group to serve.  It was suggest that we ask Renee to cater the brunch.  She could pick the menu and what to charge.  Denise will talk to Renee.
Vendors: It was discussed that we should keep them all together, maybe by the Gazebo.
Craft show:  Lisa Holt would like to have a craft show she could show her works and sell them.  She can organize it in her yard.
Pre-registration:  We need to let them know that this will include the banquet.
Entertainment: Donny Schroeder Quartet would like to perform, all they ask is gas money.  We cannot commit to gas money at this time.
Programs for all school reunion; it was suggested that we ask Lynn Bueling to be the emcee for the banquet.
Community Choir:  Table till January
It was brought to our attention that we could charge vendors to come into Sheldon for the celebration.  Denise will check with Lori Schmitt to see what Alice did.
Our next meeting will be tentatively set for January 3rd.

Minutes from October 4, 2005 

Present:  Denise Bartholomay, Glen Bartholomay, Alice Krueger, Kathy Lewis, KC Lewis, LeAnn Nelson, Anna Mae Spiekermeier, and Roy Spiekermeier. 

Secretarial Report: Read and approved

Treasurers Report:  None Available 

Open Discussion:            

We received a bill from J&M Printing that was more than was quoted to us.  Alice will talk to Hap and see what happened. 

The bill was for the 1920 reproduction photo hanging up at Alice’s store.           

We decided that we need to start keeping track of money that comes in.  We will have separate accounts for History Book and Pre Registration.  Later we will have different people in charge of other expenses.  Alice will keep track of money that comes in for the History Book and Kathy will keep track of the money for pre-registration.           

We talked about the upcoming cookbook.  People are sending in recipes that aren’t complete, they aren’t explaining preparation.  We will work on that.           

We discussed backordering the Christmas ornaments, we don’t want to over extend ourselves.   

Old Business:            

History Book:  Alice reported on the books progress.  She is sorting through pictures now but is waiting for more text to come back.  We were hoping that we would have extra pages, but after our History book meeting we found that we have to cut back.  We will still accept ads for the book.  Some companies that we are still expecting ads from are:  Melroe, Waist Management, J&M Printing and The Railroad.  Al from Spare time also has said that he will do an ad.            

Cookbook:  We have passed out recipe forms and if you need more they will be available at Mel’s Country Grocery.  You can submit as many recipes as you would like.  We will accept ads until December 1st .  We will go with Jumbo Jacks Cookbook.            

Gun Raffle:  Everything is going according to schedule, there are still a few numbers available and we will probably only raffle one gun off.  When the board is full we will draw the winner.            

Souvenirs:  Anna Mae updated us on what she is planning to order for the celebration.  We will probably have mouse pads, toothpick holders and pens available.  We will include pens in the pre-registration package.  Anna Mae will order more t-shirts for the celebration; she will order red and black.            

Christmas Ornament:  This year’s ornament will be star shaped with a line drawing of the depot.  We have to make some adjustments to the line drawing because it is backwards.  

New Business:            

Beards and Dresses:  We discussed whether we will have the men grow beards for the celebration like they did in 1981.  We will have a contest and fashion show.              

Fireworks Display:  We had discussed this earlier and it was now brought back for review.  We may have the display on Friday of the celebration, kind of a kick off to the celebration.  We will discuss this later.            

Pancake feed or Spaghetti Feed:  We discussed having another pancake feed or spaghetti feed to help defer costs of the celebration.  We decided that we would have a spaghetti feed on November 6th at the school from 11:00 to 2:00.            

Volleyball Tournament:  This was also discussed earlier and brought back to the table.  We will plan on having a volleyball tournament on Sunday of the celebration.            

Rock Climbing:  This was also discussed earlier and brought back to the table.  We will check into the cost again to see if anything has changed and if it hasn’t we will plan on having it set up throughout the celebration.            

Carnival:  Denise Bartholomay, Jana Bartholomay and Michelle Bartholomay with the help of Michelle’s mother are working on this.  We will update later.            

Car Show:  We also brought this back to the table.  Glen Bartholomay will talk to Rob Spiekermeier about running it in conjunction with the parade.  It would probably be a motorcycle/car show.            

Picnic Tables:  Glen brought this up again and informed us that Fort Ransom funded theirs and then sold them at the end of the celebration for cost or a little more.  Glen said that Fort Ransom ordered 80 kits and a group of people put them all together in two days.  He said that they moved the picnic tables to the different events and in the end they all sold.  We can either pre sell or sell them after or during the celebration.            

Raffle:  We will be holding another raffle.  This time it will be misc. items and we will sell tickets.  We will have the drawing on December 2nd at Mel’s Country Grocery at 9:00am.            

Roller Skates:  Rick found 5 boxes of roller skates when they cleaned out the Legion Hall and would like to donate them to the celebration.  

Spaghetti Feed Menu 
Salad, Spaghetti, Bread sticks or dinner rolls, Bars, Juice or Milk


Next Meeting:  November 1, 2005; 7:00 p.m. at the Sheldon Senior Citizens building

Minutes from September 6, 2005

Present:  Avis Arntson, Marlene Bunn, Roy Spiekermeier, Anna May Spiekermeier, Kathy Lewis, Maria Boeder-Bartholomay, and LeAnn Nelson.

Secretarial Report:  Read and approved with changes

Treasurers Report:  Figures were given.

Maria started out the meeting with a packet of stuff that she had received at her recent all school reunion, the packet included:  Barnesville School Program, buttons, tickets for the banquet, a sample of the Barnesville paper for the reunion, pens, etc.  We looked at everything and are still trying to decide what we want to put in our packets.

Marlene Bunn spoke on a recent reunion she had attended.  She said that one of the more popular things for kids was Karaoke Machines, they ran all day and the attendees enjoyed that, especially the kids.

Alice brought up selling the bricks from the Legion Hall, nothing was decided.

Banquet report was read and approved.

Souvenirs were discussed but put on hold.  We will be ordering more t-shirts though.

History Book:  Alice reported that the book is coming along real well. 

Alice also brought up maybe doing a cookbook.  It was discussed that we could use the old Band Booster Cook Book and add new recipes.  Everyone agreed that that would be a good idea.  It was also suggested that we contact Ransom County Gazette about doing the printing.  Marlene will check out the cost of the cook book.

Reunion Letter:  We discussed when the next reunion letter should go out.  The next letter will only include the Enderlin Inn ad and make a note about our web site that will list other possibilities.  It will also include an early registration form, Banquet on the 24th , Early Registration $15.00 by April 1st .  It will ask for name, address, and if you graduated from Sheldon what year.  It will also include a recipe form for the cook book.

 Next ornament will include a drawing of the depot and will be ordered shortly.

Our next meeting will be October 4th at 7:00pm in the senior center.

Minutes from the June 7, 2005

Present: Denise Bartholomay, Betty Flatt, Alice Krueger, Harold Krueger, Kathy Lewis, LeAnn Nelson, Anna Mae Spiekermeier, Roy Spiekermeier.

Secretary’s Report: Read and approved
Treasurer’s Report: Unavailable

History Book: JM Printing has returned 54 pages so far for proofreading. We have received a full page ad from the Lions club, and Lisbon Civic & Commerce. Kathy is helping Alice proof the 54 pages.

Softball Tournament: Has been cancelled so we need to discuss other ways of raising money.

Staci Bartholomay, Rachel Bartholomay and Kianna Hall had a car wash and raised $100.00 for the celebration.

Rodeo: We discussed having a rodeo on Sunday afternoon. It would last 2-2 ½ hours. We need to find a location. Tim Tiede contacted us and he would supply everything needed except for the space. We discussed holding it west of the gazebo. We need to find out if it is city owned or elevator owned, and get permission for use. We also talked about a bull a rama, we will discuss more later. Dave Meyer would be in charge of that.

Tractor pull: The Lions have taken this over and have decided that the city dump area would be a good place for it. We will need to follow up on this.

History Room: The people working on this are; Betty Flatt, Karen Bueling, and Barb Bartholomay so far. It was discussed to contact the Ransom County Historical Society for information.

Quilt Show: We discussed having a quilt show/fair during the celebration. There would be someone to give demos etc. It was discussed to use the Methodist Church for this. We would have country quilters design a quilt.

Raffle: It was discussed to have another raffle, maybe raffle off another quilt. We will discuss this later.

Mailings: We will be sending out another mailing, it will include hotel/lodging information, early bird special for pre registration, history book order forms, and a tentative schedule of events.

Dances: As reported last month our band and DJ have been secured for the event. LeAnn mentioned that the Lisbon Fair Committee is buying a semi truck trailer open stage and that we would probably be able to rent it for our celebration.

Grand Marshall: Herman Schroeder will turn 100 years old during the celebration; it was discussed to ask him if he would be willing to be our Grand Marshall.

Banquet: The VFW has been secured for the all-school banquet, Jana and Sandi Bartholomay will be working with the VFW to make it a success.

It was discussed that we have an old fashion Ho Down.

It was also discussed that at the all faith service on Sunday morning that we have Mark Bartl plays the fiddle and Harland Carter play the keyboard. We also discussed having a pot luck following the service.

Our next meeting will be September 6th.

Minutes from the March 7 Meeting

Present:  Tracey Ekeren, Anna Mae Spiekermeier, Roy Spiekermeier, Kathy Lewis, K.C. Lewis, LeAnne Nelson, Alice Krueger, Harold Krueger.

Secretary’s Report:  Read and approved

Treasurer’s Report:  Read and approved.

Old Business:

Rummage Sale:  The date has been set for April 30, 2005.  We have gotten       permission from the school, and Kathy and K.C. Lewis will be the contact people.  It was suggested that we rearrange the set up for the sale.  People can start dropping things off on Friday, March 29th, at the school. 

Left over merchandise:  We will check into having someone pick the things and possibly see if we can work it with the pick up dates for the blue box in Enderlin.

Spaghetti Feed:  The date has been set for April 10, 2005.  We will begin serving at 11:00 a.m. and run it until 1:30 p.m.  We will need plates, but have enough cups and napkins.  With the price of hamburger we will ask for donations. 

Menu:   Spaghetti, French bread, salad w/ French and ranch dressing and ice cream

Notes:  Alice will check on getting ice cream cups, LeAnn will check into hamburger donations, and Kathy will call Lisa Stoffal to check on the amount of meat we will need and other fixing’s.

One Act Plays:  We will scratch this for this year, but it is still a possibility in the future.

Denise talked to Mrs. Reiger and she said they cannot do a childs play to coincide with the spring concert, but she would be willing to help out if we want to do it on another date.

Vendors:  We have three vendors so far, with the possibility of a fourth.  Hartle’s Meat, Loab’s Sausage, and Wahpeton Lions have committed. Tracey is working with a company out of Oakes.

Picnic Tables:  We decided to put this on the fall agenda.

Shuttles: Andy has committed to letting us use his trailer, and we are suppose to check with Lisa Heckro.

Souvenirs:  Anna Mae will bring a list to our next meeting so we can make a decision. We need to work out a budget for souvenirs.

History Book:  Alice reported on the history book progress and she feels it is coming along.  The town picture has been set and the photographer has checked out the area.  It was suggested that we check into borrowing the Marquee in front of the Enderlin Library.  They rent it for $5.00 for two weeks.

Fund Raiser Ideas:

We discussed some other ways to raise money.  We talked about having a 3 on 3 basketball tournament. K.C. Lewis talked to Matt about having a softball tournament, they thought about Dead Colt but Matt was against that idea.  He claims that Dead Colt isn’t a big draw for teams.  Matt said he would be willing to take on the task, maybe having it in June.  Prizes were also discussed.  It was suggested that maybe we could have t-shirts, or hats.  Trophies are a definite no!

We set our next meeting for the first Tuesday in April.

Minutes from the January Meeting

Present: Avis Arntson, Kathy Lewis, K.C. Lewis, LeAnn Nelson, TyLea Horgeshimer, Marie Boeder-Bartholomay, Roy Spiekermeier, Anna Mae Spiekermeier, Gerald Sletmoe, Mary Sletmoe, Kent Bartholomay, Alice Marie Krueger, Harold Krueger and Denise Bartholomay.
Secretary's Report was approved after some minor changes.
Treasurer's Report was not given because Sandi Bartholomay was unable to come to the meeting.  She gave Kathy the amounts to report on.  Balance in savings is $9542.42.  There is $435.00 to be deposited yet and added to this amount.
New Business:
Rummage Sale: We will have our 2nd Annual Rummage Sale to raise money on April 30, 2005.  Anna Mae will be in charge of lunch and we will ask Brittney Taylor if she wants to again have a bake sale to raise money for Relay for Life.
Spaghetti Fee:  We will have a spaghetti Feed on Sunday, April 10, 2005 from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm
Play:  We discussed having some one act plays to raise money.  We will talk to Mrs. Rieger to see if she wants to have a play involving the kids on or about the same time as the spring concert.  We will also work on having one act plays by the adults in the community on April 24th.  We decided early evening would be best.  Tylea will talk to someone about getting some books on one act plays.
Old Business:
History Book:  Alice Marie reported on the progress of the history book.  She said it is coming along just fine.  She said that she finally fells that she can keep up with the family histories.  We also discussed when would be a good time for a community picture for the book.  Alice will talk to the photographer and find out what works best for him. We discussed 9 am on April 10th with an alternate date of April 17th.
Souvenirs:  We will discuss this at next meeting.  We need to work on a budget for souvenirs.
Vendors:  Wahpeton Lions Club will make mini donuts as long as it doesn't interfere with any other appointments.  They also make turkey legs on occasion.  It was also mentioned that someone should talk to Hartle's to see if they want to sell at the celebration.
Shuttles:  It was brought to our attention that we should check with Paul Spiekermeier to see if he wants to run his shuttle or have someone run the shuttle.  We also need to talk to Andy Bartholomay before we go elsewhere.
Next Meeting will be March 7th at 7 pm
Minutes taken by Secretary, Denise Bartholomay.

Minutes from the September Meeting

Present: Kathy Lewis, LeAnn (Krueger) Nelson, Roy and Anna Mae Spiekermeier, Avis Arntson, Cindy Stansbery, Sandi Bartholomay, Keith Bartholomay, Pat Olson, Denise Bartholomay and Marie Boeder-Bartholomay.

Secretarial report was approved. Treasurer's report was not given due to absence of past treasurer, Tracey Ekern.  Sandi Bartholomay will be the active treasurer for the
next year.

Ornaments:  We will order ornaments for sale again this year.  We will keep two full sets for sale at a later time.  We will order 75 or 100 this year.  It was discussed to change the shape of the ornament this year.  When we order the ornaments for 2005, we will also order for 2006.  It was discussed to have a line drawing of the elevator or school on this years ornament.  The majority favored having a diamond shaped ornament for 2004.

Picnic Tables:  It was discussed that we will need picnic tables for the celebration.  We talked about having the community build the picnic tables and pre-selling them before the celebration.  When the celebration is over the pre-sold picnic tables will go to the rightful owner.  We will need to find out the cost and get something going.
It was discussed to ask the Lions Club if they would be interested in tackling a project like this.

Cookbooks:  Kathy and LeAnn took orders for small cookbooks this spring. This was a last minute fundraiser.  The cookbooks are small and sell for $5.50.  This project made $150.  We decided to sell them again this fall.  The cookbooks will be for sale through Nov. 12th and will arrive in time for Christmas.

Shuttle Service:  Shuttle service was a topic of discussion.  The Perham Express from Perham, MN costs approx. $200.  If we want to go with the Perham Express, we need to contact Leonard Johnson.  Marie Boeder-Bartholomay acquired his card from the Enderlin Sunflower Festival.  We will keep it on file and think more about this closer to the celebration.  Another suggestion was to have wagons with seats
on them (like in Fort Ransom).  If we went with this idea, we would want to make sure that the steps are low enough for the elderly to have easy access on and off.  We will put this on hold for awhile.

Next Letter:  We will be sending out another letter with history book deadline.  We will include in the letter about the ornaments and that there will be a cut off for buying the History Books for $35.  After May 1, 2005, the price of the History Book will go up to $40.  We set a deadline of Oct. 31, 2004 for History Book information.

Banquet Committee:  It was discussed that we need to form a banquet committee.  We will put it in the letter and emails that we need someone to take on the task and to get a committee together.

Sheldon Progress Copies:  Cindy Stansbery informed us that there are copies of the Sheldon Progress newspaper at the school, but they are deteriorating quickly.  She also said that some articles have been cut out.  She said that they do have copies on microfiche.  She will form a committee and ask Tom Spiekermeier to join her on the history room.

Veterans:  We want to get more information concerning our veterans. Alice informed us that she and Les Schroeder are working on this project.  We would like to get information, if possible, on veterans that never joined our legion as well.  This information will be used in the History Book.

Marie suggested that we have a hand molder come to the celebration to do hand molds for those who are interested.  We also discussed having a t-shirt vendor come during our celebration.

Raffle:  Raffle tickets were handed out for committee members to sell.  The raffle consists of: Handmade Quilt (made and donated by Joyce McDougall), Framed and Matted print of Owego Township (donated by Alice Marie Krueger) and a Sheldon 125th History Book.  Tickets cost $1 each or $5/six.  The drawing will be held at Mels Country Grocery on Nov. 29, 2004.

Our next meeting will be January 24, 2005 at 7 pm in the Sheldon Senior Center.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.

Minutes by Denise Bartholomay, Secretary.

Minutes from the June Meeting

The most recent planning meeting for Sheldon's 125th Celebration was held on June 7th at the Sheldon School. 

Alice Marie Krueger, History Book Chairperson, reported on the progress of the 125th Anniversary History Book.  Alice Marie has sent out copies of family histories from the Centennial Book from 1980.  She has sent these to various members of each family.  She would like you to update these and elaborate on them.  Keep in mind that 25 years have passed since the Centennial and much has happened in many families.  If you did not receive one of these past histories, please write up your history and send it to Alice Marie Krueger, 6206 139th Ave SE, Sheldon, ND  58068.  Alice Marie is hoping to receive these histories back ASAP.  So please start on yours today.  Anyone interested in pre-ordering a history book should send their name, address and $40 ($35 for book and $5 for S&H) to Sheldon's 125th Celebration, PO Box 11, Sheldon, ND  58068.  The history book committee will soon be going around selling ads to help defray the costs of the printing of the History Book.  Anyone interested (or knowing someone that would be interested) in an ad in the history book should contact Alice Marie or email us at sheldonreunion2006@yahoo.com.

The Rummage Sale held on May 1, 2004 was a huge success and it was decided that we would try it again next spring.

We have had a few logos submitted. Once we decide on a logo, the souvenir committee can move ahead with further checking on ordering souvenirs.

Barb Schlecht has been doing an excellent job of keeping up the website.  Everyone should take a moment to check it out at www.sheldon.k12.nd.us.  Take a moment to email Barb a message for the guest page at the same time.

We have decided to start a raffle.  The prizes will include a handmade quilt donated by Joyce McDougall and a framed print of Owego Township donated by Alice Marie Krueger.  More details to come.

One of the projects that we would like to start working on for the celebration is a display room that will be in the school during the celebration.  This room can have all sorts of history of the Sheldon area.  Pictures, memorabilia, clothes, etc.  Anyone wishing to help organize this project is urged to contact us at sheldonreunion2006@yahoo.com

Minutes from the March Meeting

The 4th Meeting of the 125th Celebration Planning was held last night at the Sheldon Senior Citizens building.  We had 18 people in attendance.  Hap McCleery from J&M Printing of Gwinner was the guest speaker and informed us of issues dealing with the History Book.  Do any of you have any specific details that you would like in the History Book?  We can pass them on to the History Book Committee and they will try their hardest to fullfill the public's wishes. 

The Pancake Fundraiser on March 7th was a success and the next fundraisers being planned are a Trash to Treasure Sale and a raffle.  The Trash to Treasure Sale will be held in conjuction with a Sheldon City-Wide Rummage Sale on May 1st.  We will hold ours at the Sheldon School Gymnasium.  The hours will be from 8 am to 1 pm.  Anyone wishing to donate items may drop them off at the school from 3:30 pm to 8:00 pm on Friday, April 30th.  If you have items you wish to donate but are unable to drop off, contact K.C. Lewis at 882-3382 to inquire about pickup.  All remaining items will be donated to GoodWill.  Also anyone willing to help at this event can contact Kathy Lewis at 701-882-3382. 

The idea of a raffle was also discussed last night.  If anyone has items that they wish to donate for a raffle, please email us here at sheldonreunion2006@yahoo.com or call LeAnn Nelson at 701-683-5217.  We are hoping to have our items together by the next meeting date which is June 7, 2004.  We will then apply for our permit and get tickets printed and out to everyone that wishes to sell.  Please let us know if you will be willing to receive booklets of tickets to sell.

We are still missing some class addresses.  If you did not receive a postcard recently about the 125th Celebration, your address is probably one we haven't received or don't have correct.  Please send your postal address to us here at sheldonreunion2006@yahoo.com.  The years we are missing are 1939, 1941-46, 1951, 1980, 1986-96.  If one of these is your class, please send us any addresses you may have.  (emails too).  Thank you.  (Remember, we need girls' maiden name as well as married.)

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